Company history.

  • 1983

    Credit Card Keys was established and began producing emergency key cards for the automotive and domestic markets. Offering a unique product to overcome lost and mislaid keys, producing key cutting machines and dealer training.

  • 1987

    A requirement for secure key storage had begun to develop, the first Keymanager system was designed and introduced to the automotive industry.

  • 1990

    As demand increased for secure key management solutions, Credit Card Keys established and secured a foothold in the market, supplying a multitude of dealerships and body shops with key management devices.

  • 1995

    Credit Card Keys introduces a transponder option.

  • 1996

    Business continues to grow rapidly as Ford Europe and the AA adopt Credit Card Keys systems.

  • 1999

    Updates to the Keymanager cabinet are made to increase security

  • 2002

    Credit Card Keys continues with product development releasing the Drop Box for unmanned key delivery and the first iteration of the Trade Plate manager.

  • 2005

    A new and uprated level security cabinet is produced.

  • 2011

    Due to continued growth, Credit Card Keys moves to a new premises with increased space and better access to the nationwide transport network.

  • 2013

    To reflect the increased uptake in Keymanager security systems, Credit Card Keys embarks on a branding overhaul to become C.C.Keys,

  • 2014

    An updated mechanical board and peg design are introduced offering a more contemporary option to the product range

  • 2015

    C.C.Keys releases the electronic key management system under Smartbox, which still leads the field in technologic capability, versatility and security.

  • 2016

    Further updates are made to the cabinets of both mechanical and electronic systems resulting in one of the most secure solutions available internationally.

  • Present

    Today, Credit Card Keys operates as a group including both CCKEYS and Smartbox. Offering a range of different key and asset storage solutions all over the world whilst continually developing new and its existing product line.