Designed, developed and manufactured to extremely high standards in the UK, the CCK Key Cabinet range offers high security, reliability and functionality. Entrusted by thousands of customers from all industry sectors, our Keymanager Key Cabinets have been developed over the years by regular trials, feedback from our customers and quality testing. Each cabinet not only meets national and international insurance standards but far exceeds them. This is why all our cabinets come with our 5 year manufacturers warranty.

Configured with our Keymanager System, a key cabinet offers added layer of security for that extra peace of mind.

Key Cabinet benefits


Benefits of the Keymanager Key Cabinet

Our key cabinets require minimal training to use and only authorised users can gain access.

  • Guarantee

    All our systems come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty (12 month warranty on locks.)

  • Heavy duty

    Built to high specification: 2mm thick steel, 5mm thick steel lock side, reinforced latch pillar, stainless steel hinge, self closing door, 2 x 5 lever mortice locks for night time use.

  • Configuration

    Choice of entry options: from combination lock (standard on every Keymanager Key Cabinet) all the way to biometric fingerprint access.

  • Manufacturing

    Built in the UK by us to your needs, with support plinths provided where no load bearing wall is available.


System features

We understand that all businesses are different and need a unique management solution and a range of standard features.

  • UK manufactured
  • Long lasting durable materials
  • Customisable to suit needs
  • Minimal training required
  • Adjustable self closure mechanism
  • Latch shield
  • Stainless steel piano hinge
  • 4 x Cabinet sizes available
  • Left or Right Hand opening (CCK 1025A right hand only)
  • Heavy duty cabinets
  • 2 x 5 Lever Mortice Locks
  • Variety of entry options
  • ‘Peg in peg out’ system
  • Visual real time tracking
  • Each system fully equipped with Retention Pegs
  • Accessories kit provided to your needs
  • Authorised access only


Entry Options

Four lock options are available to secure your Keymanager cabinet.

Standard Combination Lock

All cabinets come standard with this 5 digit combination lock for daytime use, allowing for only authorised users to access the cabinet. Including a key-override, the combination lock is familiar to users requiring minimal training. Built to high standards, each lock undergoes a quality inspection before fitting. It is due to these high standards that we are able to offer a 1 year warranty on all combination locks fitted to cabinets and supplied by CCKEYS.

Fastcode Combination Lock

Change your combination lock code quickly and easily using the keypad and our special pin key without removing the lock from the cabinet door.

Simply insert the pin key onto the master button on the keyboard (marked with an asterisk) and enter your new 5-digit code and that’s it. No more removing the lock from the cabinet door and changing tumblers on the back of the unit.

Electronic Code Lock

The Electronic Code Lock provides convenient and easy access to your CCKEYS system. The interfaces’ responsive operation informs the user on acceptance/rejection of their code. With over 80,000 options possible, with the Electronic Code Lock you have the ability to programme new codes without removing the lock from the door.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

The CCKeys SF420 Fingerprint Reader is a highly accurate, robust alternative to a traditional combination lock. The SF420 is capable of storing 1,500 fingerprints and 5,000 RFID cards / fobs*.


Cabinet dimensions

Our boards are available in a variety of sizes.

Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
25 keys
100 keys
200 keys
300 keys