Please use our configurator to help us to work out exact specifications for your Smartbox and provide an accurate quotation within 1 working day.

Locking Ports or Unlocking Ports

  • Read more about locking and unlocking ports here.

Number of Keys

  • Select the maximum number of keys you want to manage.


  • Cabinet 1060E14-126 Keys
  • Cabinet 1090E140-238 Keys
  • Cabinet 1400E252-322 Keys

Entry Options

  • Read more about Entry Options here.

Support Plinth



Your Smartbox cabinet can be configured to suit the number of keys you want to manage from 1 key to 462 keys in our standard size cabinets. A selection of locks are available; PIN code, RFID Card/Fob or biometrics fingerprint access. Accessories can be matched to your equirements and replacements are available to order online. If you have any questions, please call us or leave an enquiry.