Effective key management systems from CCKeys

Keeping your keys safe, accessible and all one place is the job of the CCKeys Keymanager system. With the KeyManager tracker board system you will also have peace of mind knowing that no one can tamper with or steal your keys.
To secure keys to their retainer pegs in your tracker board system you will need to use anti-tamper key tags. These key tags have been specifically designed to securely lock on to both keys and the retainer peg. The key tags are incredibly durable and extremely difficult to break.

Key tags come in a variety of colours and can be fully customised with your business logo and contact details. Each key tag will provide you with a white writeable surface where you can record information such as car registration, hotel room number etc.

Key Tags are available in packs of 200 and you can choose from a range of colours that include Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green, Dark Blue, Grey, Black and White

Key Tags
Key Tags