Making key management easy, secure and accessible

The Keymanager System provides you with secure and easy key management every day. The system holds all of your keys and will only allow authorised users to access those keys. Each key is secured to the tracker board with its own retention peg. The only way to release the key from the tracker board is by inserting a personalised Tracker Peg.

Tracker Pegs are provided to authorised key users, and each peg is designed to identify an individual user. At any time, the Keymanager System is able to show which users have which keys – all from the personalised Tracker Pegs. It’s a great system that really does make key management run smoothly in any workplace.

Tracker Pegs

Standard Style

Executive Tracker Pegs

Executive Style

CCKeys Tracker Peg

Each Tracker Peg is engraved with a unique number or the initials of the user. Tracker Pegs are available in two styles; Standard and Executive, both of which can be used to restrict access to certain keys in the Keymanager System.
Colours available for our Standard Tracker Pegs are Maroon, Purple, Lilac, Magenta, Red, Pink, Peach, Orange, Brown, Emerald, Khaki, Gold, Yellow, Cream, Lime Green, Green, Aqua, Jade, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Grey, Dark Green, Black, White, Turquoise.

Colours available for our Executive Tracker Pegs are Maroon, Purple, Red, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Grey, Black, White, Turquoise.