Keeping keys safe and secure has never been easier using a CCK Key Locker!

When keys go missing, get lost or even stolen, the impact on your business can be devastating in many ways. Your keys are valuable assets that need protecting, so that you can operate your business effectively. That’s where a CCK key locker steps in so that you can take control of key security.

With over 25 years in the industry, you can trust CCKeys to provide you with the best available key control systems on the market. Our key locker boxes have been developed by ourselves and manufactured here in the UK. Our key lockers have been entrusted by thousands of customers from all sectors of industry.

Designed and built to extremely high standards the CCK locker range offers high security, reliability and functionality. Accredited by ISO 9001:2000, CCK key lockers and cabinets have been developed over the years by regular trials, listening to our customers and quality testing. Each key locker in the CCK range not only meets national and international insurance standards but far exceeds them.

key lockers

All key lockers are standard fit with a day-time combination lock.

  • Adjustable Self-Closure Mechanism
  • Latch Shield
  • Stainless Steel Piano Hinge
  • 2mm Thickness Sheet Steel
  • 2 x 5 Lever Mortice Night Locks
  • 4 different size lockers/cabinets available
  • Plinth available for non-load bearing walls
  • Left or Right-Hand Opening on CCK-1060A, CCK-1090A and CCK-1400A Cabinets
  • For that extra security the CCK Deluxe-Series features 3mm thick sheet steel and a 4-way night lock.

Industry leading key locker box

Your key security is our top priority at CCKeys. As the leading key locker box supplier in the UK you can expect the best quality products at affordable prices. When you choose us for your key security requirements you can…

  • Have all your business keys in one safe and secure key locker box
  • Provide authorised users with easy access to the keys they need
  • Stop unauthorised access to your valuable business keys
  • Stop wasting valuable time and effort trying to locate lost, missing or stolen keys
  • Prevent losing customer sales because keys will be readily at hand

Whatever your key requirements are, its time to the talk to the key locker experts here at CCKeys. Why not also check some of the other innovative key management solutions we specialise in here on our website? We look forward to hearing from you!

Keymanager Max CapacityProduct NameWidth (mm)Height (mm)Depth (mm)Weight (Kg)
25 keysCCK-1025A66040030026
100 keysCCK-1060A70061030042
200 keysCCK-1090A700101030056
300 keysCCK-1400A700139030092