Key Manager board systems from CCKeys

Many businesses rely on quick and easy access to keys as part of their everyday activities. When keys are not where they are supposed to be, it can cause huge issues and inconvenience. If key management is proving to do be a difficult task for your business, let CCKeys help you with one of our key tracker boards. Our range of mechanical key tracker boards and key locker boxes will help you keep ahead of the game in knowing exactly where your keys are and who is using them.

Keymanager Boards

The purpose of a key manager board is to help make daily business activities run as smoothly as possible through effective key management. Many of our mechanical key tracker boards make use of a simple peg in/peg out solution. Each key is provided with its own retainer peg which is then secured in the tracker board. Keys on the tracker board are held firm by a tamper proof system.

How does it work?

The only way to obtain a key is to use an external peg. Once inserted the external peg will release both the key and its retainer peg. In effect, it is a simple peg in and peg out process. All external pegs are allocated to individuals who are authorised to access keys. Each external peg identifies its owner, so at any time it is possible to pinpoint who is using individual keys. Once a key is returned to the key tracker board and the retaining peg pushed into place, the external key is released.

We have a solution to meet your needs

CCKeys Keymanager Boards are available in various sizes and can accommodate any number of keys that you wish. All of our products custom made and built in the UK. Naturally, each key tracker board is located within a secure key locker box which can only be accessed via a code lock. We offer different lock choices including combination locks, electronic code locks and biometric fingerprint locks. This adds another level of security to protect your keys.

Key locker box

If the key tracker box is more advanced solution to your requirements, then why not consider one of our key locker box products. When you choose from our key locker box range you can be assured of the very best key security. Our key locker boxes are all standard fit, available in 4 different sizes and manufactured in 2mm thickness steel sheet. As standard they are fitted with a daytime combination lock, but of course you can choose to upgrade our key locker box with electronic code lock or biometric fingerprint lock.