Solve your key tracking problems with our Smartbox software and eliminate the time-consuming process of monitoring all of your keys.

Our KeyWin 6 software provides complete control over your key management and allows you to monitor when keys are taken who has them and when they are returned to the cabinet. The software is intuitive and easy for your administrator to manage and will save you valuable time allocating authorised users and tracking down keys when they go missing. Security will be significantly improved and you will have historical accountability.


KeyWin 6

KeyWin6 is the latest version of the market’s most comprehensive administrative tool for securely managing keys and valuables. One or more administrators can manage key cabinets and keys with the highest possible precision, from anywhere in the world.

It is easy for you to give access to individual users or groups and to connect these with the relevant keys or valuables. With its automatic registration, you can always keep track of who is using what. The expanded search and filtering function simplifies your daily use, offering a higher level of precision.

Cloud or on-Premise Software

KeyWin 6 can be accessed via a secure website to make administration changes to the cabinet, for instance, setting up a new user or granting access to a key. KeyWin 6 can also be installed locally on a compatible server. KeyWin 6 web can be accessed by a computer, phone or tablet.

Firmware & Software Updates

Firmware updates are downloaded and installed automatically on the cabinets improving and added new features to the system.


With the KeyWin6 reporting system, keeping track of your key’s movements is just a click away. Some of the reports include:

  • How long a key has been occupied for.
  • Any system alarms.
  • Any unauthorised key removals.
  • Which keys have not been removed.
  • Have any users been recently added / deleted
  • And many more…

All events can be emailed at certain times of the day or night.