Credit Card Keys Ltd Cookie and Privacy Policy

This policy sets out information on how Credit Card Keys Ltd obtains and uses the data collected during your use of its website.

The information you provide to us will be used to respond to enquiries received on the website. We take your privacy very seriously and if you provide us with information during your visit to our website, we will not sell, exchange or release your personal information (name, e-mail address, mailing address, etc.) to any other third party for them to use for marketing, without your agreement.

Should you no longer wish to have your personal information contained on our database, you have the right to ask us to remove this information by contacting us at the address shown below.

Information About Our Use of Cookies

Credit Card Keys Ltd uses Cookies to provide an improved User Experience.

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we use to distinguish you from other users.

Cookies are necessary to allow you to log in, use advanced navigation features, and store your preferences.

Cookies can also be used for Analytical Purposes, where anonymous data about your visit is recorded and used to improve the website.

Credit Card Keys Ltd will use your preferences to provide the best content we can, and respect your privacy.

Please check your preferences below and update them if you need to.

Necessary Cookies:

Necessary Cookies are required for the normal function of this website. These cookies can be disabled in the browser settings.

Analytical Cookies:

Enabling Analytical Cookies provides information that helps us to improve the website

How this information is used:

  • Your data will not be shared with third parties
  • You will only be contacted via the channels you have opted in to
  • Your data will only be stored for these purposes

Below is a list of the cookies Credit Card Keys Ltd uses. This table provides more information about the individual cookies we use, and the purposes for which we use them:

Cookies and external assets we use

Your settings can be viewed and edited below.

Manage your privacy preferences

These are functional cookies needed to keep our website working properly and give you the best experience when visiting our website.

We collect information about how visitors use our website. The information is in aggregate form and counts visitor numbers and other information to help us improve our website.

These cookies ensure that, if applicable, any adverts are properly displayed and targeted based on your browsing. They may also be used to integrate social media on our site.

We may use assets from 3rd parties on our website, for example, Google fonts, which enhance your viewing and visual experience.

Preferences Updated!

Necessary cookies

Cookie Name Expire Time Purpose
Session PHPSESSID 20 Minutes A Session cookie used to store temporary data such as log in sessions preferences and allow the server to effectively serve cached content.
Basket/Login Cookie bbtarlco 1 Year A simple cookie used to keep track of your login session and basket. The login session will be disabled after 30 days and you will need to login again

Analytical cookies

Cookie Name Expire Time Purpose
Google Tag Manager/Google Analytics 4 _ga 2 years These cookies are created from Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, we use this to monitor traffic on our site. This allows us to make informed decisions regarding fixing issues and adding new features and functions. Please note since this service is provided by a third party these cookies are subject to change without notice. The information can be found on Google Analytics Cookie Usage page.
_gid 24 hours
_ga_<container-id> 2 years
_gac_gb_<container-id> 90 days

Marketing cookies

Cookie Name Expire Time Purpose
WhatConverts wc_client 6 Months Containing all client information as well as primary marketing data from the user's initial session with your site.
wc_client_current Session (Approx 30 Mins) Containing all client information as well as primary marketing data from the user's current session with your site.
wc_swap 5 minutes Contains the Dynamic Number Insertion swap information for each swap number on your page
wc_visitor 2 years Contains the user_id of the user on your site.

3rd party assets

Asset Name Type Purpose
Google Font Font This site loads additional fonts from These are used to enhance the user experience.
reCAPTCHA Form Bot Checker Some of our forms may use reCAPTCHA, this is used to prevent spam by checking if the user is human. Please visit the reCAPTCHA website for more details
YouTube Embedded Video Some pages of this site might contain an embedded video from YouTube for more information on cookies from Google Click here
Google Maps Embedded Map Some pages of this site might contain an embedded map from Google for more information on cookies from Google Click here
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