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Key Management is something that all businesses may find a challenge. Whether it is vehicle, office or plant keys, the Smartbox audits and traces key management 24/7. The Smartbox is a fully automated system that requires little setup and administration. Each login, key removal / return event is recorded on a central database, time and date stamping each event. Our Smartbox systems range from 14 – 322 keys so however big or small your business is we have a solution to suit.

Together with the KeyWin 6 software, you have full control and save time thanks to the simple administration system. KeyWin 6 can restrict when keys are taken and what keys staff can remove from the cabinet. The Smartbox is very simple to administer and use. Keys are attached to an ‘intelipeg’ via an anti-tamper seal. Each peg has a unique number that when entered into the software allows the administrator to rename the peg.
Key Cabinet Benefits
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Benefits of the Smartbox

Our intelligent digital key management system records key access and usage with the KeyWin software to give you full key movement history.

Entry options

PIN code, RFID Card/Fob or biometrics fingerprint access.

Audit trail

KeyWin 6 software keeps track of your keys' movements with multiple reports available.

Install options

Four different sized cabinets are available for the Smartbox, each cabinet shell comes with a 5-year Guarantee.

UK support

12 month warranty and unlimited technical support with an option to extend after the initial 12 months.


System features

We understand that all businesses are different and need a unique management solution and a range of standard features.

  • 'Smart' key management
  • Full audit trail
  • Fingerprint reader entry
  • Multiple entry options
  • Self-closing cabinet door
  • Tamper alarms
  • Data import/export
  • Battery backup
  • Online/offline software
  • Cabinet expansion
  • High security cabinets
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Heavy duty cabinets
  • Mortice night locks


Configure your Smartbox

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Entry options

To access your Smartbox cabinet you can choose 3 entry options; PIN code, RFID Card/Fob or biometrics fingerprint access.


PIN Access

As standard, the Smartbox cabinet is accessible via PIN code, which can be configured from 2 – 10 characters. The software has a built-in random PIN code generator that ensure optimum security of the system.

RFID Card / Fob Access

RFID is a simple secure way of users accessing the Smartbox. The cards work on a ‘touch’ basis so no need to swipe the card. Cards can be customised with serial codes and bespoke artwork, such as company name etc.

Biometrics Fingerprint

Biometrics fingerprint is the most popular entry system into the Smartbox. Users can enrol multiple fingers or thumbs onto the readers. Enrolling new users typical takes less than a minute. All readers are GDPR compliant and up to 10,000 templates can be stored.



Cabinet options

Four different sized cabinets are available for the Smartbox, each cabinet shell comes with a 5-year Guarantee on the shell and are manufactured in the UK.
No. Keys


Rail options

Cabinet rails are available in 2 configurations; unlocking and locking. Locking rails prevent unauthorised users from taking pegs.


Unlocking Rails

Unlocking rails are the most popular cost-effective solution for most customers. Pegs can be returned to their associated cabinet or can be returned to a second cabinet. Unlocking pegs give users the freedom to remove any peg, but importantly all activity is recorded on the digital audit trail. Both locking and unlocking rails can be configured together in a cabinet.

Locking Rails

Locking Rails have the ability to restrict certain user access. Only authorised users can access certain pegs. For example a HGV driver could only access HGV keys. A folk-lift truck driver could not access HGV keys. Both locking and unlocking rails can be configured together in a cabinet.

Our Testimonials

We have been using CCKeys for a number of years now at our Dealership and their service has been second to none. Always efficient with their knowledge, always a speedy response to any queries, always polite and helpful. The whole system works really well and is trackable and secure.

Vertu Motors

Security was the most important reason for choosing the CC Keys key management system. The secure fingerprint reader access to the key cabinet not only keeps our keys safe but also restricts the number of people with access. The cabinets also have night locks to keep our keys safe when everyone has left the building.

We have a large site so we need an easy visual check showing which cars are out and who has the keys. We use different coloured pegs for each building so we can keep a well-organised system in place and save time and effort trying to locate keys.

A big advantage of the CC Keys system for us is the availability of a cabinet with a removable handheld board so we can take all of the keys out to the compounds to save time walking back to the cabinet.

The system was outstanding value for money with a higher security level for the same price as some of the other companies we approached.

Prestige car storage company (name withheld for security reasons)

Our organisation has 40 sets of high security keys spread across 8 sites, those sets of keys are used by over 350 members of staff. We needed a simple cost-effective mechanical solution that enabled us to quickly identify which staff member had a particular set of keys.

The system provided by CC Keys delivered that very solution. Installation was extremely simple and mess free, the service we received from CC Keys was second to none.

Staff members who use the system find access simple and easy to use.

I would recommend this company to anybody.

Public Service organisation

We were looking for a secure system to manage our vehicle security, CC Keys provided us with a secure means of safely managing our vehicles, with the added benefit of managing driver id fobs so we can easily cross check who has the vehicle to run alongside our sign out sheets. The system is easy to manage with the fob system and ensures improved compliance for our fleet. We opted for the fingerprint opening so that our Managers and Team leaders would only have access giving greater control and security.

We have now added this system across our compliance fleet using it to manage vehicles between a number of areas and operations, enabling vehicles to be tracked when in for repair or with a department within the depot.

Martin Hoar
Fleet Services Manager

Plymouth City Council

I have been using Anti Tamper Seals from CCKEYS for many years and now they have introduced their re-useable seals it is more financially viable to spend a little more on a seal that will last for over 100 uses instead of a bag of 200 seals that can only be used once each.

The price may seem high for a single re-useable seal compared to a bag of 200 but you soon start to make savings. You only have to buy the seal detacher once and it is very easy to use. Because you are not continually throwing seals away after a single use they are good for the environment too.

Alan Acres
Mercedes-Benz Sheffield

Mercedes-Benz Sheffield

The key safe is a brilliant bit of kit and I have used the event log function on numerous occasions to find out who took the keys for specific vehicles. I also like the fact that we now have the locking keys which I have set up for specific people only. Now we have all our keys in one place.

Hackney Council, Community Safety, Business Regulation & Enforcement

The computer interface with the key cabinet cuts down our time spent trying to locate who is driving any one particular vehicle on any given day. One thing we liked was their constant availability when we had problems with our staff messing things up; there was always someone to either talk us through the fix or to attend on site. Nothing was too much trouble. We would recommend Credit Card Keys to people who need any kind of security for any amount of keys; we run a large and diverse fleet over 365 days, 24 hours a day. We were that impressed that we ordered a third cabinet for another use.

Walsall Council

Just a quick message to say how impressed we our as a depot at the Smartbox installation carried out by yourselves. Since having the Box installed, efficiency and organised has improved ten fold, where as before we found many issues with the whereabouts of keys left from the two shifts patterns. Customer are also happier at the security of the vehicles now this Box is in place. So a big thank you for you and your team for your continued support with the Box and making our depot a secure and trouble free place.

Scania Exeter, Scania (Great Britain) Limited

We took delivery of our key safe in 2016 as we had major difficulties in knowing who had what key and where they were. Over the years we have probably replaced the keys to our fleet of over thirty vehicles at a considerable cost. Since the Key safe has been in place we have only lost one key for a mini digger that we were notified about. The key safe has enabled us to control who can withdraw what level of key with ease, also providing us with a full audit trail. A worthy item within our organisation.

Northumbrian Water Limited

A prompt answer to our initial query with several options presented with suggestions on what solution was best to fit our needs in the most cost-effective way possible. Last minute amendments to the colour of key hangers and pegs allowed us to modify our storage plans based on the growing and changing dynamic the temporary site highlighted after our initial order.

TrustFord Aberdeen
Google Stars

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